How To Identify Fake Psychics And Avoid Scams

Speaking to a psychic when faced with worries and uncertainties of life is a good thing to do since these are individuals with supernatural abilities to help you understand your life better. However, even as you try to seek answers about life, you must do so cautiously, keeping in mind that there are several “psychics” out there whose main agenda is to swindle unsuspecting clients.

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So, Who Is A Psychic?

A real psychic is an individual who can interpret paranormal forces related to someone’s life. These individuals are capable of analyzing your auras and using them to gains some insight into your past experiences as well as get a vision of what is likely to happen in the future. However, it would be best if you remained cautious of fake psychics who are out there to make money dishonestly, not help you.

Fortune teller scam:

This is one of the most common psychic fraud that involves a psychic trying to get money from you after claiming that they can make your life better by protecting you from misfortunes, giving lucky charms, and others. They often ask you to pay for these “services” and end up going mute on you or offering fake services and products.

Telephone psychic scammers:

Such fraudsters try to mimic genuine telephone psychics even when they don’t have the paranormal abilities. Though there are real psychics who can do readings by telephone, the fake ones normally use a prepared script to make you believe that what they are saying is true.

What should you do when visiting a psychic?

  • Research: Try to get as much information as you can before visiting the psychic so you can make good decisions.
  • Ask questions: If a psychic doesn’t feel comfortable answering questions about them, chances are that they are trying to hide something – they don’t want to get caught.
  • Be casual: Frauds judge by first impressions, and if you appear rich to them, then they will do their best to “fish” some cash out of your pockets.
  • Bring some company: You might want to bring someone you trust a lot with you, so you can both compare the impressions later.
  • Talk less: Most fake psychics will ask as many questions as they might need to get better insight into your life then give false information. As such, aim to talk less, and let the psychic do much of the talking.

How To Determine A Fake Psychics?

Even though it’s not always easy to decide whether a psychic is running a scam or not, there are several common traits of frauds that you shouldn’t miss out on:

1)Claiming a false past life

A psychic who insists that you were a film start or something else that you weren’t might be faking who their abilities.

2)Making statement statements that make you want to know more

Fake psychics can also say things that might leave you curious, and then tell you that they can let you know more after you pay for “enhanced readings”.

3)They say what you want to hear

After getting as much information as they can about you, frauds will tell you what they think you want to hear or what other like you were interested in from past experiences.

4)Fear tricks

A fake psychic can also try to make you panic so that they can get you coming for more readings and before you realize it, you have used too much of your money on them.

5)Family curse trick

If someone you trust tells you that your family is cursed and that is the reason you are not happy or successful, then you will do whatever you can to get better, even if it means paying handsomely. That a common trick used by fake psychics.

What you should do when scammed by a psychic?

Should you realize that a fraudster psychic has scammed you and in the process, you accidentally revealed vital financial information, contact your bank immediately to let them know of the situation, then report the scammer to other authorities such as the BBB.


There are lots of genuine psychics out there who provide correct information about your life, and such experiences are highly illuminating. Visiting a fraud psychic, on the other hand, can easily turn out to be one of the worst nightmares you ever had. Therefore, always stay alert, and be thorough with your research before visiting any psychic who you may not have been referred to.

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